Monday, November 5, 2012

Solar Decathlon China Summit & Design Development Workshop in Datong China 24-30th Oct 2012

Solar Decathlon China Summit in Datong China 24-30th Oct 2012. Attended by representatives all over the world includining representative from Malaysia - Solar Home Utm team headed by Prof Dr Mohd Zaimi. Four Lecturers from UTM attended the Summit are Prof Dr Mohd Zaimi, Associate Prof Dr Mohd Zin Kandar, Associate Prof Dr Pakaruddin and Dr Norhashimah. Seven post graduate students and research officers from UTM are also among the participant representing UTM.

The focus for the Summit is to discuss current initiatives and innovative strategies to speed-up the implementation of renewable energy and energy efficiency in countries' development program and project.

SDC 2013 focused in implementing balance energy supply and demand. Each participant is required to ensure their design implementing solar power technologies. Solar Home Utm team design house to comply with the theme which is environmentally sustainable and exploit available energy resources from the sun to produce electricity and heating requirement for the house.

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